I’m Lucas, my flock and I are the newest family members of Northwoods Animal Hospital. As true Minnesotans, We embrace all the seasons. Our favorite season though, is tick season! They taste delicious. When you stop by don’t be surprised to see us running around the yard looking for them.

We’ve been seeing ticks since February! Even the experts are saying this year is the worst “best” tick season in years.  Since we like them and you don’t, we are hard at work eating as many as we can. You’re welcome.

With the rise in the tick population, there has also been an increase in tick born illnesses. Dr. Riddle has already been treating lots of cases of Lyme disease. Did you know even people are getting it? The best treatment of course is prevention. Northwoods Animal Hospital provides a variety of brands of flea and tick preventatives. Effetix costs just $9 per month and effectively prevents ticks. It is classified as an over-the-counter medication so it does NOT require an exam. Please protect your furry family members.

canine pests


As you can see in the image above. It’s not just ticks that are a threat to you favorite four legged friend, mosquitoes are too! Heartworm is another serious but preventable problem. A simple heartworm test will tell you if treatment is needed. The State of MN requires an annual exam for the prescription preventative and it too can be purchased on a monthly basis for  $5 – $9 a month (varies by weight.) It is recommended that you treat year-round, because it also treats many intestinal parasites!

Don’t let all this bug talk get you down though. There are plenty of things about summer that humans and animals can enjoy!

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