Timber Tales


Hi I’m Timber. My brother Aspen and I get to greet all the visitors to Northwoods. We are excited for Spring and Summer, we get to see lots more of our friends.

Did you know that May is National Chip your Pet month? 
Microchipping your pet helps your pet find his way home to you if he or she ever becomes lost or separated from his family. We offer the procedure and it’s completed in just a few minutes. The chip is places just under the skin and can be read by a special scanner (kind of like the handheld one the grocery store clerk uses).

Spring brings potential dangers for your pets. Read up on common poisons here.
Poisons intended to kill rats, mice, gophers, moles and other pesky mammals are among the most common and deadly household poisons. Since rodents and dogs are both mammals, it makes sense that substances highly poisonous to mice, for example, would be lethal to dogs. It cannot be stressed enough that rodenticides are highly toxic and any such poisons designed to kill small mammals need to be carefully stored away from curious canine noses. The poisons usually come in flimsy cardboard containers, and any dog or puppy can chew through it to get the bait.

If accidental ingestion of rat poison is suspected, contact us immediately, even if your dog is not showing any symptoms. If possible bring the poison container to the clinic to determine the specific rodenticide ingested and therefore provide the best treatment. Early recognition is critical, as some intoxications can be treated successfully if caught early and treated appropriately.

Right now I’m loving this video, I bet your cat would too: 


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